The Truth About Truman School

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when Zebby And Amr Create The Website, They Want It To Be Honest. They Want It To Be About The Real Truman Middle School, To Say Things That The School Newspaper Would Never Say.


agerange: Ages 11 To 15.

zebby And Amr Create To Share Things About Truman Middle School That Would Not Be Allowed In The School Newspaper. The Idea Is To Let Anyone Post Anything They Want, As Long As It Is The Truth As They Believe It To Be. Things Get Out Of Control When Someone Anonymously Uses The Web Site To Start Rumors About Another Student. Readers Will Recognize The Characters In The Book-hayley, The Leader Of The Popular Group; Lilly And Brianna, Her Hangers-on; Reece, The Football Star; Sara And Trevor, The Social Outcasts. The Story Is Told Through Posts By Each Character, Telling His Or Her Version Of What Happened At The School. The Anguish Of Middle School Shows Through In The Posts. Even The Popular Kids Are Insecure. The Voices Are Real, Revealing The Emotional Struggles Of Middle School Students. Zebby And Amr Learn To Be Responsible Editors Of The Site. The Bully Finds That Taking Lilly Down Is Not As Satisfying As He Thought It Would Be. They All Learn That There Are Real Consequences To Actions That May Not Seem So Important At The Time. Readers Might Learn To Empathize With Those Whom They Might Be Tempted To Tease. The Story Would Be A Good Vehicle For Starting A Discussion About Bullying And The Effect On All Students In The School. Reviewer: Deborah L. Dubois
april 2008 (vol. 31, No. 1)

Author : Dori Hillestad Butler

Publisher : Albert Whitman & Company

Published Year : 2009

Format : Paperback, 192 pages

ISBN : 0807580961

ISBN13 : 9780807580967