My Story

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Heart of a Hippie, Soul of a Gypsy and the Spirit of a Mermaid

I moved to Mexico with 5 suitcases, a dog and a dream. 

In 2017, my life needed a change, but I wasn't quite sure how. By June of that year, I found Puerto Vallarta for the first time and never looked back.

A little over a year later, on September 1st 2018, I sold my house in Portland, Oregon and by September 30th I sold everything in it. On October 1st, I bought a one-way first class ticket for me and my dog Gracie to our new life in Mexico.My dog / perro Gracie Casey

Once here, I watched, I learned and I listened to what the community wanted and needed.  So, on November 2nd 2019, I opened the doors, welcoming the community into The Living Room. A Bookstore & Cafe in the heart of the Marina. Quickly it became the favorite gathering space for the locals, expats, snowbirds and tourist.

Then in March 2020 the world was struck with a sweeping pandemic and my fledgling little store had to temporarily close. But that isn't the end of this story. There are many chapters left to be written.  The heart of a hippie, soul of a gypsy and the spirit of a mermaid within me asks...What else is possible?
Follow me on my journey to find out....

With Love and Light for your journey,