Book Exchange

Book Exchange Program

We are a general interest store and accept all sorts of books, including contemporary fiction and non-fiction, classics, children, cookbooks and art books.

There are a few types of books we don’t accept: textbooks (ask us about school donations), computer manuals and books about computer programs, diet/weight loss books or books in poor condition (mildew, broken spine, etc.). Beyond that, we decide what to take on a book-by-book basis.

We love your books and are happy to foster them until they find a new home! Our space is limited, so please call ahead if you would like to bring in more than a dozen books at one time.  If we do not have the staff to assist you right away, we will take down your contact info and follow up with you on your store credit.

Do you pay for books in cash or store credit?  We offer store credit only.

The amount we offer for books is based on the flat rate price we sell the book for.   Example:  Mass Produced Paperbacks – Our price 85 pesos.  We offer you a store credit of 25 pesos to use towards the purchase of other books.  With every fifth book, you receive a free drink!

Do I need to use my store credit on the same day? No, it lasts forever.  Just hold onto the card you receive. We cannot keep track of your credit, that is up to you. The card will need to be presented in order to redeem the credit.

Will you pick up books at my house? We have a small staff and no car.  Sorry.

What can I do with the books you can't buy? Sometimes the local library will accept donations.

What if I just bring in a bunch of books for donation?  Wow, we love donated books!! However, please be mindful that we cannot accept books that are in bad condition (brown pages, moldy, torn, water damaged, insect damaged, etc.).  We have a very limited space to process books and not enough staff to go through the damaged ones.  Also, we HATE having to throw away books, but bringing in books like that leaves us with no choice.  It costs us in time and money when books that are not good quality are brought in for us to “deal” with.  We appreciate you thinking of us, but consider first, would you buy the book that you are trying to donate? If not, please don’t bring them into us. 

Do you buy or accept for donation music, movies, magazines, or books on tape? No, sorry.