The New Beverly Hills Diet: The Latest Weight-loss Research That Explains A Conscious Food-combining Program For Lifelong Slimhood

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Who'd believe that you could indulge in your favorite food—steak, pasta, even champagne— and lose weight at the same time? That you could not only shed pounds but also maintain your new slim shape forever?

Judy Mazel, diet consultant to the stars and author of the #! New York times bestseller The Beverly Hills Diet, will make you a believer and achiever. Working in conjunction with doctors and devoting fifteen years to further research and experimentation, she has fine-tuned and broadened the scope of her original winning concept, Conscious Combining, to create The New Beverly Hills Diet

Conscious Combining was a revolutionary technique that taught how and when to mix different groups for optimum weight control. As refined here, it forms the basis of the "Born Again Skinny" diet—a thirty-five-day eating program to promote lifelong slimness. The diet plan includes delicious recipes for you new food lifestyle and day-by-day chapters to support you in your quest for a slimmer figure. Mazel also explains the significance of enzyme interaction in weight loss and pronounces the four golden rules of weight management.

Who'd have thought that losing weight could be so easily accomplished? With The New Beverly Hills Diet, you can hop on the skinny bandwagon and stay off the fat tract for good.

Author : Judy Mazel

Publisher : Hci

Published Year : 1996

Edition : REVISED

Format : Paperback, 320 pages

Subject : Reducing Diets, Food Combining

Language : Eng

Dimensions : 5.44 (w) x 8.40 (h) x 0.73 (d)

ISBN : 1558744258

ISBN13 : 9781558744257

Overview :

Imagine a program where you can indulge in your favorite foods--from steak to pasta, and even champagne--and still lose weight easily. Then imagine being able to maintain your new slim shape forever. With this new program, author Judy Mazel has made your dreams a reality. She shows you how to take charge of the foods you eat to achieve a lifestyle eating plan that will keep you off the "fat track" for good.

The secret to your new slimhood rests with Conscious Combining. Refined and expanded from its introduction in Mazel's original book, this technique teaches you how and when to mix different food groups for optimum weight control. You'll also learn the four golden rules of weight management, plus the significance of enzyme interaction in weight loss.

The program now includes a 35-day "Born Again Skinny" diet with recipes for your new food lifestyle. This is a diet many Hollywood stars have embraced. Judy's private client list has included luminaries such as Jack Nicholson, Jodie Foster, Maria Shriver and Engelbert Humperdinck. They, and countless others, found this to be the lifestyle eating plan that changed their shape forever.