The It Girl

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Having Left Her Elite Manhattan Private School To Attend An Equally Exclusive New York State Boarding School, Sophomore Jenny Humphrey Sets Out To Become The Most Alluring Girl On Campus. Created By Cecily Von Ziegesar.

Author : Von Ziegesar, Cecily.

Publisher : Little, Brown

Published Year : 2005

Edition : 1

Format : print - Paperback, 272 pages

Subject : Interpersonal relations, Interpersonal relations--Fiction, Boarding schools, Boarding schools--Fiction, Wealth, Wealth--Fiction, Schools, Schools--Fiction, Boarding school students, Boarding school students--Fiction, Teenage girls, Teenage girls--Fiction, Children of the rich, Children of the rich--Fiction, Young adult fiction, PZ7.V94 It 2005, [Fic]

Language : Eng English

Dimensions : 264 p. ; 21 cm.

ISBN : 0316011851

ISBN13 : 9780316011853

Overview :

Popular Gossip Girl character Jenny Humphrey is leaving Constance Billard to attend Waverly Academy, an elite boarding school in New York horse country where glamorous rich kids don't let the rules get in the way of an excellent time.

Determined to leave her Manhattan past behind her, Jenny sets off to Waverly with big plans of reinventing herself. She'll be a goddess—she's a sophisticated city girl, after all!—and will find a boy who can properly worship her. But that's going to be a little tricky since her self-absorbed new roommates, Callie Vernon and Brett Messerschmidt, aren't exactly there to help—unless there's something in it for them.

Hot guys, new intrigue, and more delicious gossip all add up to more trouble than ever for Jenny. But if getting caught with boys and going up against the Disciplinary Committee is what it takes, Jenny's ready. She'll do all that and more to be The It Girl.