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The Alpine Zen: An Emma Lord Mystery

The Alpine Zen: An Emma Lord Mystery

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As An Early Summer Heat Wave Beats Down On Alpine, Emma And Her Staff Are Treading Very Lightly. For Unfathomable Reasons, The Paper's House & Home Editor, Vida Runkel, Is In A Major Snit, Refusing To Speak To Her Colleagues, Or Even Her Boss. So When A Peculiar Young Woman Walks In Claiming Her Parents Have Been Murdered, And That She's In Mortal Danger, Too, It Fits Right In With The Rest Of The Craziness. Then, To The Utter Bafflement Of Her Colleagues, Vida Vanishes Without A Word To Anyone. And Just When Emma And Her Husband, Sheriff Milo Dodge, Start To Unsnarl These Tangles, A Male Body, Dead Too Long To Identify, Surfaces At The Town Dump-making What Seemed Merely Weird Feel Downright Sinister. Has The Hot Weather Driven Everyone Nuts, Or Are Cold-blooded Forces Committing Deadly Misdeeds?

Author : Daheim, Mary

Publisher : Ballantine Books

Published Year : 2016

Edition : Reprint

Format : Mass Market Paperback, 336 pages

Language : English

ISBN : 0345535367

ISBN13 : 9780345535368

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