Murder In Brentwood

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this Pivotal Witness In The Most Dramatic Murder Trial Of The Decade Now Speaks For Himself--his Anger, His Apologies, And His Regrets.--diane Sawyer

Author : Mark Fuhrman

Publisher : Zebra Books

Published Year : 1997

Format : Mass Market Paperback, 448 pages

Dimensions : 6.86 (w) x 4.12 (h) x 1.21 (d)

ISBN : 0821758551

ISBN13 : 9780821758557

Overview :

For O.J. Simpson to get away with murder, an innocent cop - a brilliant detective - had to he destroyed. That was the cynical strategy of the Simpson "Dream Team," and it worked. But as certainty about Simpson's guilt grows, so does outrage about the scapegoating of Mark Fuhrman. Now the former LAPD detective tells his side of the story in a damning expose. The veteran detective gives the inside story of why and how Simpson's interrogation was bungled; how police criminalists made previously unrevealed errors that torpedoed the prosecution's case; why Marcia Clark foolishly suppressed evidence of an affair between Ron and Nicole; and why Clark refused to call a key police witness who could have corroborated Fuhrman's testimony and blown away the defense team's claim of planted evidence. Fuhrman's own hand-drawn maps of the crime scene and his reconstruction of the murders leave no doubt about what really happened on June 12, 1994. New revelations about the incompetence and corruption that pervaded the "Trial of the Century" will exonerate this decent, loyal detective, the innocent cop who was sacrificed so a rich, guilty celebrity could go free.