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Love The Life You Live: 3 Secrets To Feeling Good--deep Down In Your Soul

Love The Life You Live: 3 Secrets To Feeling Good--deep Down In Your Soul

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do You Just Like Your Life...or Really Love It?

all Of Us Are Searching For Inner Contentment. We Want To Thrive, To Be Healthy, To Be More Complete.

and In love The Life You Live, Top Psychologists Les Parrott And Neil Clark Warren Will Help You Do Exactly That. Through Three Time-tested Secrets, You’ll Learn How To:

  • navigate Any Social Situation Smoothly—and Without Anxiety
  • base Your Worth On Who You Are Rather Than On What You Do
  • stop Comparing Yourself To Others
  • be More Confident, More Secure
  • form Strong, Sturdy Relationships
  • live Fully In The Moment, Instead Of Obsessing Over The Past Or Worrying About The Future
  • and Realize Your Dreams!

the Book Contains Real-life Stories, Self-tests, Practical Steps, And Vital Strategies To Help You Achieve Long-lasting Peace, Joy, And Emotional And Spiritual Health.

discover The Secrets That Will Transform You, Your Life, And Your Relationships...forever!

Authors : Les Parrott, Neal Clark Warren

Publisher : Tyndale House Publishers

Published Year : 2003

Format : Paperback, 220 pages

Language : Eng

Dimensions : 5.50 (w) x 8.50 (h) x 0.63 (d)

ISBN : 0842383611

ISBN13 : 9780842383615

Overview :

Everyone longs for healthy relationships, inner contentment, and peace. The journey toward emotional wholeness is hard work. But it's the most significant thing anyone can do for his or her relationships, since a relationship can only be as healthy as the least healthy person in it. Love the Life You Live introduces three time-tested secrets to help readers achieve enduring peace, long-lasting joy, and a deep level of emotional and spiritual health. Tyndale House Publishers

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