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Lost-and-found Tooth

Lost-and-found Tooth

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very Important Second-grade Skills Include:

1. Knowing The Date

2. Telling Time

3. Sharing Stories

at West Street Elementary, Mr. Reilly Has Come Up With A Great Way To Teach His Class The Many Skills They Need To Learn. Each Time A Second Grader Looses A Tooth, The Event Gets Recorded On The Who's Lost A Tooth? Calendar. It's A Brilliant Plan, And As The Months Pass, One Student After Another Has A Lost-tooth Story To Tell. Except For Lucy. Not A Single Baby Tooth Will Wiggle Or Jiggle!

will Lucy ever See Her Name On The Lost-tooth Calendar? Will She ever Have A Story To Share With Her Classmates?

how Lucy Ends Up Sharing An Absolutely Perfect Story With Mr. Reilly And The West Street Elementary Second-grade Class Makes A Satisfying Conclusion To This Book That Will Resonate With Young Readers Everywhere.

children's Literature

losing Baby Teeth Is Of Utmost Importance To Second Graders, So Mr. Reilly's Class Is Delighted To Discover His Tooth Calendar For Recording These Momentous Events. Lucy Does Not Feel Like She Can Join In The Fun, However. She Is The Only One In Her Class Who Has Not Lost A Single Tooth. Her Spirits Sink As Her Classmates Record Their Experiences, Charlie — —august 30th, 10:30 A.m. Going To Gym. And So It Continues Through The Next Six Months. Finally, Lucy Feels A Tooth Wiggling A Bit. When It Does Comes Out, She Is On The Playground And The Tooth Is Lost As It Drops From Her Mitten. Mr. Reilly And All Of The Students Help Her Search For It. When It Is Found, Lucy Proudly Writes Her Entry On The Calendar, Lucy — —february 27, 12:25 P.m. Lost And Found At Recess. An Attractive Beginning Reading Book Featuring Full-color Illustrations Of A Multicultural Classroom With A Caring Male Teacher. Reviewer: Phyllis Kennemer, Ph.d.

Authors : Louise Borden, Adam Gustavson

Publisher : Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

Published Year : 2008

Format : Hardcover, 40 pages

Dimensions : 7.20 (w) x 9.10 (h) x 0.60 (d)

ISBN : 1416918140

ISBN13 : 9781416918141

Overview :

Do you remember when and where you lost your first tooth?

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