Psychic Fair

A favorite community event in The Living Room Bookstore is the Psychic Fair. Well now we are bringing all of our best psychics to you!  Choose the one you want and follow their communication link.  This will take you to them directly but don't worry, we checked them all out and they are cool peeps!

   Kennedy Morgan, Medium 
    • Kennedy Morgan is a gifted spirit medium living in  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The journey to accepting his ability to connect the souls of the departed with their loved ones in this physical world has been one of true discovery. Kennedy’s confident yet humble nature, deep connection with his own spirituality, and what he whimsically calls his “youthful old soul” perspective, makes him a great messenger for the Other Side. He never takes his unique gift as a medium for granted and is always amazed by the powerful messages that Spirit communicates. Kennedy says, “It’s never about being the messenger, it’s about the healing that take place when the message is given.”


Marg Heeney Psychic Puerto Vallarta





Marg Heeney

    • Marg is intuitive, empathic and a healer for 25+ years with a multitude of gifts and training. She is devoted to working with individuals and groups. Her work includes:
    • Identifying the “weakness” at the emotional, mental or spiritual level.
    • Finding the core or root issue(s) and clear the negative energy and/or emotions around it
    • Strengthen to 100% again using various forms of energy clearing modalities.
    • Integrate the “new” into their daily living moving forward
Marg works together with you and your guides to identify emotional or spiritual stuckness which interfere with your success, health, and peace of mind.
The work can create changes quickly, and in some cases instantly, so integration and understanding is important in the work.  You will leave the session with information and skills to apply each day.
“It is merely a request within yourself to change the old and move into new.”
Phone:  +1 (615) 415-0652