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You're Gonna Love Me

You're Gonna Love Me

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Samantha Winters Lives Her Life The Way A Good Accountant Should--measured, Deliberate, And Safe. After Watching Her Father Die In A Tragic Skiing Accident, She Decided Never To Allow Risk Into Her Life Again. But She Didn't Count On Falling For Nick Chastain, Who Embodies Everything She Doesn't Want In Her Safely Constructed World. Against Samantha's Warnings, Nick Plans A Dangerous Kayaking Trip Over Spring Break. Furious That He's So Careless With His Life, She Ends Their Fledgling Relationship With Harsh Words. Two Years Later, Samantha Is Desperately In Need Of A Change. When She Learns Her Grandmother Has Had An Accident And Is In Need Of A Caretaker, Samantha Quickly Packs Her Bags And Heads To Thunder Creek, Idaho. But Nothing Could Prepare Her For The Surprise Awaiting Her In Her Grandmother's Hospital Room. Nick. With The Charming Backdrop Of Small-town Friends, Beloved Cousins, And A Whole Church Congregation Rooting For Them, Can They Set Aside The Disastrous Ending Of Their First Try At Love? Has Nick Changed Enough To Meet Samantha In The Middle--and Can She Realize That A Risk In Love Might Be Worth.--

Author : Robin Lee Hatcher

Published Year : 2017

Pages : 310

Language : English

ISBN : 1683316924

ISBN13 : 9781683316923

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