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Yesterday I Cried: Celebrating The Lessons Of Living And Loving

Yesterday I Cried: Celebrating The Lessons Of Living And Loving

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March 1999

It's no wonder that Iyanla Vanzant is an "Oprah" favorite -- she has dedicated her life to spreading a powerful message of hope and faith to women and men all over the world. Iyanla (her name means "great mother") is the bestselling author of One Day My Soul Just Opened Up, Acts of Faith, The Value in the Valley, and many other acclaimed works. Her lectures and workshops are aimed at empowering women and men, teaching them how to look inside for the strength and courage necessary to survive.

Yesterday, I Cried is filled with Vanzant's insights into life, human nature, and the process of transformation. It begins with an intense, charged poem that explains the healing power of tears, which can clear the way for a new self, a new life. "In the midst of my crying, I felt my freedom coming," writes Vanzant. Using her personal experiences to explain how we can learn and grow in the midst of tragedy, Vanzant provides the keys for changing your life. An emotional, often painful exploration of her past, the book tells the story of the person that Vanzant used to be. She faced incredible obstacles, including abuse and neglect from her family, and later from her husband. The ups and downs of Vanzant's life -- from teenage pregnancy and welfare to law school and fame -- are rendered in absorbing, intimate detail. She brings us along with her as she finds her path through the rough times, emerging with a vision of hope.

Building a positive present on the painful memories of the past is no small task. Yesterday, I Cried is an invaluable record of how one woman transformed herself. A speaker, author, and minister, Vanzant aims to help you do the same.

Los Angeles Times

Iyanla Vanzant focuses on healing lives and letting peopel know that someone cares.

Author : Iyanla Vanzant

Publisher : Atria Books

Published Year : 2000

Edition : Reprint

Format : Paperback, 304 pages

ISBN : 0684867486

ISBN13 : 9780684867489

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