Wine Style: Using Your Senses To Explore And Enjoy Wine (includes Pull-out Wine Wheel)

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From the bestselling authors of Wine For Dummies, a different way to choose and enjoy wine

Because the choices in a wine store or on a wine list can seem limitless or intimidating, wine drinkers often stick with what they know, such as Merlot, or go with the choice made by a wine critic or a waiter. This appealingly straightforward and unintimidating guide will help wine drinkers discover what they like and make informed choices. The authors identify 12 wine styles, or taste categories, including four for red wine and four for white wine. For each style, the authors detail how it tastes, where it comes from, grape varieties that are common for the style, and a few recommended wines. The style "Soft, Fruity Red Wines," for instance, includes U.S. Merlots, Beaujolais, Burgundies and other Pinot Noirs, and southern Italian reds, among other wines. Complete with tips on pairing wine with food and a pull-out wine wheel to help readers remember the styles, this is the refreshingly different book wine drinkers have been waiting for.

Mary Ewing-Mulligan, Master of Wine, and Ed McCarthy, Certified Wine Instructor (New York, NY), are among the best-known, most widely respected wine experts in the United States. They have appeared frequently in the media, including on television's Food Network and CNNfn, and have written seven wine books in the For Dummies series.

Authors : Mary Ewing-mulligan, Ed Mccarthy

Publisher : Wiley

Published Year : 2005

Edition : 1

Format : Hardcover, 244 pages

Dimensions : 6.16 (w) x 9.04 (h) x 0.82 (d)

ISBN : 0764544535

ISBN13 : 9780764544538

Overview :

Which Wine Style Matches Your Taste?

Who knows more about great wine than you? No one—when it comes to what wines will actually be "great" to your taste. Wine labels and recommendations can help you make choices, but ultimately you are the best judge of the right wines for you.

Wine Style classifies and describes wines by different tastes, or styles—including four for red wines and four for whites—to make it easier for you to identify wines you like. You don't have to memorize the details of wine regions and grape varieties or master wine vocabulary to select a good bottle of wine—though if you want to delve that deeply, this book is a great starting place. Wine Style inspires and empowers you to explore wine with an adventurous spirit and to discover wines that you enjoy. Cheers!

"Not only do we get the usual erudition and insight on the glory and beauty of wine from Mary and Ed, but in this inspired volume we get profound expertise in everyday terms. Drinking and learning about wine is stimulating and fun. Reading Wine Style is more than mouth-watering; it gets all the senses excited."
—Charlie Trotter

"Finally, a (soon-to-be) grape-stained guide that speaks to wine lovers in their native tongue: Taste! In penning Wine Style, Mary Ewing-Mulligan and Ed McCarthy have crafted a book for everyone —and anyone—who ever felt frustrated connecting their palate preferences to a pleasing bottle of vino."
—Joshua Wesson, Co-founder/Chairman of Best Cellars