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What Women Want Men To Know: The Ultimate Book About Love, Sex, And Relationships For You, And The Man You Love

What Women Want Men To Know: The Ultimate Book About Love, Sex, And Relationships For You, And The Man You Love

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Barbara De Angelis.

Author : De Angelis, Barbara.

Publisher : Hyperion

Published Year : 2001

Edition : 1

Format : print - Hardcover, 374 pages

Subject : Man-woman relationships, Interpersonal relations, Love, Sex, HQ801 .D435 2001, 306.7

Language : Eng English

Dimensions : p. cm.

ISBN : 0786866950

ISBN13 : 9780786866953

Overview :


You've seen her on TV. You've read her advice on relationships. Now, in her most powerful and provocative book yet, best-selling author and renowned human relations expert Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D., reveals everything women want men to know about loving and understanding the women in their life. This is the book women have always hoped someone would write -- one that women will read to understand themselves better, and can give to their mate, confident that it will explain everything women feel about love, communication, sex, and intimacy that they've always wished men would know.


--The Three Secret Needs Every Woman Has

--Seven Myths Men Believe About Women And Why They Are Absolutely Wrong

--How To Avoid Turning A Perfectly Sane Woman Into A Raving Maniac

--Women's Top Twenty Sexual Turnoffs -- and Turn-ons

--The Ten Male Communication Habits That Drive Women Crazy

--Sexual Secrets About Women Men Need To Know

--How To Turn Power Struggles Into Cooperation

--Techniques for Being The Perfect Lover In and Out of Bed

--and much more.

IF YOU'RE A MAN: Read this book to learn what you can do to be a woman's dream come true.

IF YOU'RE A WOMAN: Read this book to learn why you are the way you are, and give it to the man you love so you can have the relationship you've always wanted.

"I've tried to explain my needs to my husband, but he just doesn't get it. I know if you explained it, he would listen!"

"Why can't my boyfriend understand that if he just did certain simple things, I would be so happy"

"Every time I try to talk to my wife about sex, she gets defensive. Could you please write something for men that talks about what women really want in bed"

Ever since Barbara De Angelis wrote the #1 New York Times bestseller Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know, her readers have been begging her to write its counterparts book for both sexes that explains what women want men to know about understanding and loving the woman in their life. Delivered in her signature frank, provocative and down-to-earth style, this new book does just that, and is an insightful guide that women will read to learn more about themselves, and that they will be excited to give to the man they love.


--Have you ever wondered why it's so hard for your mate to figure out what you need when your female friends understand you perfectly Learn about The Three Secret Needs Every Woman Has, and how to communicate them in a way men can really hear.

--Have you ever felt misunderstood, and wished you could explain to your partner how you really are Read about The Seven Myths Men Believe About Women and Why They Are Absolutely Wrong.

Barbara includes groundbreaking information on the nature of women that will make you feel better about yourself than ever before, and will help men understand the real you.

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