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Werewolves Don't Go To Summer Camp (bailey School Kids #2)

Werewolves Don't Go To Summer Camp (bailey School Kids #2)

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Mr. Jenkins' Beard And Bare Feet Have Campers At Camp Lone Wolf Wondering If He Might Be A Werewolf Who Comes Out At Midnight For A Snack.

Authors : Debbie Dadey, Marcia Thornton Jones, Marcia T. Jones

Publisher : Scholastic Paperbacks

Published Year : 1991

Edition : 30

Format : Paperback, 96 pages

Language : Eng

Dimensions : 5.32 (w) x 7.58 (h) x 0.23 (d)

ISBN : 0590440616

ISBN13 : 9780590440615

Overview :

The hugely popular early chapter book series re-emerges with a new look! Brand-new eye-catching cover art brings a modern feel to this classic monster series for young readers.

The new director at Camp Lone Wolf seems like a nice guy. But when the kids learn the legend of a local boy who disappeared and the wolf that prowls the campgrounds howling in the night, they start to wonder if Camp Lone Wolf is more than just a name. Mr. Jenkins is covered in hair, eats his meat almost raw, and has an obsession with wolves. But could he really be a werewolf?

The Bailey Elementary third-graders are greeted at camp by the gorwling, barefoot Mr. Jenkins. He eats nearly raw hamburgers, avoids lights and campfires, and warns the campers about the legend of a little boy's disappearance and the howl of a lone wolf. Could Mr. Jenkins be a werewolf?

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