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Way Up In The Arctic

Way Up In The Arctic

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A Counting Book In Rhyme Presents Various Arctic Animals And Their Offspring, From A Mother Caribou And Her Little Calf One To A Mother Arctic Fox And Her Little Cubs Ten. Includes Related Facts.

Author : Jennifer Ward

Publisher : Cooper Square Publishing Llc

Published Year : 2007

Format : Hardcover, 32 pages

Language : Eng

Dimensions : 8.91 (w) x 11.40 (h) x 0.42 (d)

ISBN : 0873589289

ISBN13 : 9780873589284

Overview :

Jennifer Ward and Kenneth Spengler have teamed up to create another wonderful, joyful, counting romp. This time they prance and dance readers through the Arctic and introduce kids to the fascinating animal mamas and babies that call the Arctic home. Set to the beloved tune of Over in the Meadow, read again and again this book will have kids singing along from one to ten with polar bears, beluga whales, Arctic foxes and more! Hey, kids! Look for the number hidden on each page!

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