Veganissimo A To Z: A Comprehensive Guide To Identifying And Avoiding Ingredients Of Animal Origin In Everyday Products

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Authors : Lars Thomsen, Reuben Proctor

Publisher : The Experiment

Published Year : 2013

Format : Paperback, 320 pages

Dimensions : 5.30 (w) x 6.80 (h) x 1.00 (d)

ISBN : 1615190686

ISBN13 : 9781615190683

Overview :

veganissimo \ve-gan-iss-im-o\
1. n : one who is vegan to the highest possible standard
2. adj : the most vegan

What is veganissimo? It’s a new word, but it captures a desire more and more common in recent years: to be vegan to the highest possible standard, to live the most vegan life possible. It’s not an easy standard to meet in the modern industrialized world, where product labels boast conflicting, unclear, and even purposefully misleading claims, and animal-derived ingredients sneak into just about everything—not just food, but also cosmetics, clothing, cleaning products, photography, musical instruments, and even electronics.

Now, here to help is Veganissimo A to Z: an unprecedented, up-to-date A to Z guide to animal-derived ingredients found in every kind of consumer good. Impeccably researched, comprehensive, and specific, this handbook not only enumerates and defines every animal-derived ingredient to be found, but also describes plant, mineral, and chemical alternatives and points out ingredients that don’t sound vegan but in fact are (like cocoa butter). The authors also walk users through interpreting product label claims and seeking additional information, and color-coded icons and cross-references make it easy to navigate the immense amount of material. Vegans and anyone with the desire to avoid animal-derived products will find this reference handy, practical, and often shocking.