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The Vampire's Photograph (oliver Nocturne #1)

The Vampire's Photograph (oliver Nocturne #1)

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oliver Nocturne Has A Fairly Typical Childhood - For A Vampire. But Oliver Is Different From Those Around Him - His Gore-loving Vampire Schoolmates, His Loving Vampire Parents, And His Obnoxious Older Brother, Bane. That's Because, Unbeknownst To Oliver, He's A Little More Human Than The Rest Of Them. When Emalie, An Artistic And Defiant Human Girl With A Troubled Past, Unknowingly Takes A Picture Of Him, Its Sets Them Both Off On A Quest To Uncover His True Origins And The Special Purpose The Vampire World Has In Store For Him.

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oliver Nocturne Is Not An Ordinary Vampire. Yes, He Goes To School Like All Of The Other 13-year-old Vampires, And He Eats Dinner With His Brother And Parents, Like All Other Vampire Families. Still, Oliver Suspects That He Is Different From The Others. First, He Has Difficulty Sleeping During The Day, And Then His Image Appears As A Strange Blur On A Photograph. Odder Still, Oliver Actually Becomes Friends With A Human. Oliver Slowly Uncovers Clues That Lead Him To Believe That His Own Parents Have Been Keeping His True Identity A Secret. The Reader Will Never Learn What That Secret Is, However, Because It Is Never Revealed. The Excitement Builds To A Surprising Climax, But The Conclusion Will Keep Readers Wondering What Happens Next. This Book Is Extremely Engaging And Well Written, But Those Who Want An Ending Will Probably Need To Read The Next Four Books Of This Five-part Series. Reviewer: Denise Daley

Author : Kevin Emerson

Publisher : Scholastic Paperbacks

Published Year : 2008

Format : Mass Market Paperback, 224 pages

ISBN : 0545058015

ISBN13 : 9780545058018

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