The Unconscious In Culture: The Structuralism Of Claude Lévi-strauss In Perspective

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On A Visit To The Zoo, A Little Boy Imagines What It Would Be Like To Be Various Animals, Such As A Hippopotamus Or A Penguin, And Listens As His Mother Explains How All Parents Keep Their Young Ones Safe. Pt. 1. Theoretical Foundations Of Structuralism: Introduction: [1.] Theoretical Assumptions And Their Historical Antecedents: Intellectual Antecedents Of Lévi-strauss' Notion Of Unconscious / By Ino Rossi -- Lévi-strauss' Use Of Linguistics / By Georges Mounin -- Structuralism As Scientific Method / By Ino Rossi -- [2.] The Study Of Kinship And Myth: Structure And History In The Elementary Structures Of Kinship / By Ino Rossi -- Isomorphism And Symbolism As Explanations In The Analysis Of Myths / By Jacques Maquet -- Pt. 2. Structuralism In Ethnography: Introduction: [3.] Criticism By Empirical Anthropologists: Lévi-strauss' Idea Of The Social Unconscious: The Problem Of Elementary And Complex Structures In Gitksan Marriage Choice / By Alice Kasakoff -- Dialectics And Contingency In The Story Of Asdiwal: An Ethnographic Note / By John W. Adams -- [4.] Support For The Structural Method By The Application Of Lévi-strauss' Techniques: Sacred Ritual Vs. The Unconscious: The Efficacy Of Symbols And Structure In North Mexican Folk Saints' Cults And General Ceremonialism / By N. Ross Crumrine And Barbara June Macklin -- The Structural Principle Of The Chinese World View / By Shin-pyo Kang -- [5.] Strengthening The Structural Method: Objects Of Mediation: Myth And Praxis / By Erik Schwimmer -- The Structural-configurational Approach: A Methodological Outline / By Jan Pouwer -- Comments On The Essays Of Part Two: The Practice Of Structural Analysis / By Erik G. Schwimmer -- Pt. 3. Structuralism And Contemporary Social Sciences: Introduction: [6.] Critical Views: Structuralism As Epistemology Of Closed Systems / By Anthony Wilden -- The Myth Of Structuralism / By Stanley Diamond -- Beyond Structuralism: The Dialectics Of The Diachronic And Synchronic Methods In Human Sciences / By Lawrence Krader -- [7.] Positive Views: Two Ways Of Approaching Concrete Reality: Group Dynamics And Lévi-strauss' Structuralism / By Yvan Simonis -- Language, History, And The Logic Of Inquiry In The Works Of Lévi-strauss And Sartre / By Lawrence Rosen -- Comments On The Essays Of Part Three: Structural Anthropology As An Ethno-logic / By Bob Scholte -- Epilogue: Toward A Constructive Dialogue / By Ino Rossi. Edited By Ino Rossi. Includes Bibliographies.

Author : Rossi, Ino.

Publisher : Dutton

Published Year : 2005

Edition : 1

Format : print - Hardcover, 32 pages

Subject : Lévi-Strauss, Claude, Structural anthropology, GN320 .R67 1974, 301.2

Language : Eng English

Dimensions : xvii, 487 p. 21 cm.

ISBN : 0525473580

ISBN13 : 9780525473589

Overview :

This warm and whimsical picture book opens with a little boy eagerly anticipating a trip to the zoo as his mother straps him into his car seat. Like most toddlers, he would rather run free than wear a seat belt, ride in a stroller, hold Mommy's hand, or climb into her backpack. As they pass various animal exhibits, the little boy asks teasing questions, such as "If I were a monkey, would I have to wear a helmet?" Mommy's light-hearted responses reveal, in a bouncy cadence, how animal and human moms alike keep their rambunctious young ones close and safe.

On a visit to the zoo, a little boy imagines what it would be like to be various animals, such as a hippopotamus or a penguin, and listens as his mother explains how all parents keep their young ones safe.