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The Twenty-seventh City: A Novel (bestselling Backlist)

The Twenty-seventh City: A Novel (bestselling Backlist)

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A riveting work of suspense, an eerie fable of political life, a love story - this first novel by Jonathan Franzen, published to wide acclaim in 1988, is a sweeping and imaginative look at America in the twentieth century.

Peter Andrews

Franzen has managed to put together a suspense story with the elements of a complex, multilayered psychological novel...A riveting piece of fiction that lingers in the mind long after more conventional potboilers have bubbled away.

Author : Jonathan Franzen

Publisher : Picador

Published Year : 2001

Edition : Revised

Format : Paperback, 528 pages

Dimensions : 5.34 (w) x 11.02 (h) x 0.92 (d)

ISBN : 0312420145

ISBN13 : 9780312420147

Overview :

St. Louis, Missouri, is a quietly dying river city until it hires a new police chief: a charismatic young woman from Bombay, India, named S. Jammu. No sooner has Jammu been installed, though, than the city's leading citizens become embroiled in an all-pervasive political conspiracy. A classic of contemporary fiction, The Twenty-Seventh City shows us an ordinary metropolis turned inside out, and the American Dream unraveling into terror and dark comedy.

St. Louis is a fading river town whose only current claim to national attention is that it has chosen a woman from Bombay, India--a young, charismatic emigre named S. Jammu--to be its new police chief. No sooner has Jammu been installed, however, than the city becomes embroiled in a bizarre political conspiracy.

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