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The Squire, His Knight, & His Lady (squire's Tales)

The Squire, His Knight, & His Lady (squire's Tales)

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squire Terence And Sir Gawain Are Off Questing Again, But This Time Their Journey Is Overshadowed By Their Ultimate Destination: Gawain Is To Meet Up With The Green Knight In A Contest That Could Easily Lead To Gawain's Death. Along The Way The Two Have A Slew Of Hair-raising Adventures And Encounter The Usual Odd Assortment Of Characters, Including The Plucky Lady Eileen. Sparks Instantly Fly Between Terence And Eileen As She Joins The Squire And His Knight On Their Travels. As They Weave Their Way Between The World Of Men And The Other World, Gawain And Terence Discover Much About Themselves. The Squire, His Knight, And His Lady Is The Sequel To Gerald Morris's Debut Book, The Squire's Tale, About Which The Bulletin Of The Center For Children's Books Raved, This Arthurian Road Trip Will Have Readers Wondering Why There Aren't More Books Like This One And Hoping That Morris Will Do It Again. And So He Has.

anne St. John

when A Giant Green Knight Barrels Into The Christmas Feast At Camelot And Issues A Bloody Challenge, Terence Finds Himself At The Beginning Of Another Quest As Sir Gawain's Squire. Picking Up Several Years After The Squire's Tale (rev. 7/98) Leaves Off, This Arthurian Fantasy Weaves Several Adventures Into One, As Terence And Gawain Face Numerous Adversaries, Both Dangerous And Droll, On Their Way To Finding The Knight Of The Green Chapel. When Gawain Is Captured By A Murderous Marquis, Terence Conspires With The Lord's Plucky Niece To Free Him. Lady Eileen Seizes The Opportunity To Escape From Her Hated Uncle By Joining The Men For The Remainder Of Their Adventure, Which Leads Them Into The Land Of Faery, The Other World. There They Meet Up With A Cannibal Hag, The Legendary Hero Cucholinn, A Sea Monster, And The Green Knight, Who Owes Gawain A Deadly Blow. Terence And His Companions Are Spirited Characters Who Face Each Setback With Courage, If Not Always Common Sense. Although The Novel Builds Upon Plot Elements And Characters Found In The First Volume, The Story Stands Well Alone. Laced With Magic, Humor, And Chivalry, This Reworking Of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight, In Which Gawain Learns Humility And Terence Discovers His True Place In The World, Provides An Engaging Introduction To The Original Tale. --horn Book Magazine

Author : Gerald Morris

Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Published Year : 1999

Edition : 1

Format : Hardcover, 232 pages

ISBN : 0395912113

ISBN13 : 9780395912119

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