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The Society of Super Secret Superheroes: The Great Cape Rescue

The Society of Super Secret Superheroes: The Great Cape Rescue

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As fourth grade begins for Fin and his three buddies, they're afraid their days of playing superheroes are over. But “something” is telling them to form a club—a secret society. When the magical power reveals itself and boasts that it can “turn ordinary mortals into extraordinary ones,” the Secret Superheroes are ready for their first missions: thwarting the school bullies and saving the class hermit crabs. Inspired by the coolest heroes of all time, from the Justice League to Spider-Man, here is a hilarious, heartfelt story about four friends who will never be ordinary again.

Elaine E. KnightCopyright 2006 Reed Business Information. - School Library Journal

Gr 2-4
Finch and his buddies have always enjoyed playing superheroes, but now that they're in fourth grade, they worry that it may seem babyish. Then, the costume cape that Finch has played with since kindergarten begins talking to him. It claims to be an ancient Arabian Thinking Cape, capable of endowing its Master with extraordinary powers. The boys form the Society of Super Secret Heroes and resolve to use the cape's magic to help others, secretly solving problems through brains rather than brawn. With the cape's advice and assistance, the SSSH members help reconcile two quarreling friends and plan a huge surprise party to help a new teacher feel welcome. Unfortunately, the class bully is determined to force Finch into a fight, whether it takes insults, threatening the class pets, or even stealing the cape itself. This genial fantasy emphasizes individual courage and initiative. Although the cape talks like a fabulous being straight out of the Arabian Nights, its actual powers are fairly limited, forcing the boys to do most of the real work. Relationships realistically reflect the changes kids go through between primary and early intermediate grades. There is plenty of playground humor, including the gross-out variety supplied by plastic vomit and other noxious substances. The black-and-white sketches are amusing as well. Longer than most early chapter books, this selection is a worthwhile choice for transition readers anxious to tackle a big book.

Author : Phyllis Shalant

Publisher : Penguin Group (USA)

Published Year : April 2007

Edition : 1st

Subject : Literary Collections

ISBN : 0525474048

ISBN13 : 9780525474043

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