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The Singing Geese

The Singing Geese

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Author : Jan Wahl

Publisher : Dutton Books For Young Readers

Published Year : 1999

Edition : 1

Format : Hardcover, 32 pages

Dimensions : 8.36 (w) x 10.30 (h) x 0.41 (d)

ISBN : 0525674993

ISBN13 : 9780525674993

Overview :

Jan Wahl has retained the rhythmic, sly humor of this tall tale from Maryland told him by an old black man. When Sam Bombel goes out one day to hunt his dinner, he sees flying overhead a great big flock of geese, all singing: La lee loo. Come quilla, come quilla. Bang, bang, bang! Quilla bang.
ReadersÆ appetites will be whetted as they watch the farmerÆs wife pluck and roast the goose that Sam brings home. But just as he is about to stick his knife in that delicious-looking goose, swoosh, in through the window flies the whole flock to rescue the unlucky bird. Readers can sing the refrain to the music provided. Sterling BrownÆs rich, glossy oil paintings add drama to this brisk retelling of a cautionary tale.

Sam Bombel shoots a goose and brings it home for his wife to cook for dinner, but when it is set on the table, the other geese come to reclaim it.

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