The Renaissance Soul: Life Design For People With Too Many Passions To Pick Just One

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how Do I Decide What To Do With My Life When There Are So Many Things I Want To Do?

it Is Conventional Wisdom That There Is One True Path In Life For Each Of Us. But What About Those With A Wide Array Of Interests, A Dynamic Curiosity About The World, And An Ever-renewing Wellspring Of Passions? Margaret Lobenstine Calls These People “renaissance Souls,” And In This Groundbreaking Book, She Offers A Life-planning Strategy In Tune With Their Dynamic, Change-loving Personalities. Renaissance Souls Often Get Stuck, Moving From Entry-level Job To Entry-level Job, Degree To Degree, Or Hobby To Hobby, Unwilling To Settle On Just One Thing To Do “for The Rest Of My Life.” Or, After Achieving Success In One Field, They Yearn For New Challenges And Begin Looking Around For Something Different. Yet They Are Also Afraid That If They Pursue Their Changing Interests, They Will Have To Give Up On Financial Security, Becoming “a Jack Of All Trades And Master Of None.”

the Renaissance Soul, The First Book Devoted To This Personality Type, Not Only Shows That It’s Possible To Design A Successful, Vibrant Life Built On Multiple Passions, But Also Gives Readers The Practical Advice To Do So. Lobenstine Arms The Reader With Powerful Life-design Strategies, Including How To:

*understand The Exciting And Powerful Difference Between Choice And Focus

*transform Your Day Job So That It Carries Your Dreams Forward

*manage Your Time The Renaissance Soul Way

*thrive On Many Interests Without Feeling Scattered

*get Paid For Your Passions

*learn A New Field Without Going Back To School

*get Inspired By Renaissance Souls From Ancient Times To The Present, From Leonardo Da Vinci To Ben Franklin To Oprah Winfrey

stocked With Creative Exercises, Relevant Resources, And Interviews With Successful Renaissance Souls, This Profoundly Inspiring Guide Will Show Readers The Way To A Richer, More Fulfilling Life—big Enough To Embrace all their Dreams.

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some People Just Can't Seem To Settle Down: They Jump From Career To Career, From Interest To Interest; They Chafe At Being Pinned Down To One Job Or Self-definition. This Need For Variety And Love Of Finding New Challenges, Says Career And Life Coach Lobenstine, Can Be A Positive Trait. Lobenstine's Aim Is To Help Such People Find Ways To Pursue Their Varied Interests Without Feeling Overwhelmed. Her Focal Point Strategy Suggests Picking A Small Number-usually Four-of Interests To Pursue For Now, Interests That Might Be Exchanged For Others At A Later Time. And The Author Proposes Various Ways To Integrate One's Career Into These Focal Points: If You're Passionate About Your Work, It Might Be One Focal Point; For Others It Might Be A Way To Pay The Bills While They Pursue Other Interests. One Inexperienced Older Woman With A Longstanding Desire For A Career In The Art World Found A Clerical Job At A Museum, Where She Had Access To Curators And An Opportunity To Volunteer Her Graphic Skills. Lobenstine Has Identified A Situation Rarely Addressed By Self-help Books, And Her Advice Is Sensible, Concrete And Do-able. Agent, Betsy Amster. (on Sale Jan. 10) Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

Authors : Lobenstine, Margaret

Publisher : Harmony

Published Year : 2006

Edition : 1

Format : Hardcover, 272 pages

Language : Eng

Dimensions : 5.78 (w) x 8.53 (h) x 1.03 (d)

ISBN : 0767920880

ISBN13 : 9780767920889

Overview :

How do I decide what to do with my life when there are so many things I want to do?

It is conventional wisdom that there is one true path in life for each of us. But what about those with a wide array of interests, a dynamic curiosity about the world, and an ever-renewing wellspring of passions? Margaret Lobenstine calls these people “Renaissance Souls,” and in this groundbreaking book, she offers a life-planning strategy in tune with their dynamic, change-loving personalities. Renaissance Souls often get stuck, moving from entry-level job to entry-level job, degree to degree, or hobby to hobby, unwilling to settle on just one thing to do “for the rest of my life.” Or, after achieving success in one field, they yearn for new challenges and begin looking around for something different. Yet they are also afraid that if they pursue their changing interests, they will have to give up on financial security, becoming “a jack of all trades and master of none.”

The Renaissance Soul, the first book devoted to this personality type, not only shows that it’s possible to design a successful, vibrant life built on multiple passions, but also gives readers the practical advice to do so. Lobenstine arms the reader with powerful life-design strategies, including how to:

*Understand the exciting and powerful difference between choice and focus

*Transform your day job so that it carries your dreams forward

*Manage your time the Renaissance Soul way

*Thrive on many interests without feeling scattered

*Get paid for your passions

*Learn a new field without going back to school

*Get inspired by Renaissance Souls from ancient times to the present, from Leonardo da Vinci to Ben Franklin to Oprah Winfrey

Stocked with creative exercises, relevant resources, and interviews with successful Renaissance Souls, this profoundly inspiring guide will show readers the way to a richer, more fulfilling life—big enough to embrace all their dreams.