The National Wildlife Federation's Guide To Gardening For Wildlife: How To Create A Beautiful Backyard Habitat For Birds, Butterflies And Other Wild

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Authors : Craig Tufts, Peter Loewer, H. Peter Loewer, National Wildlife Federation

Publisher : Rodale Pr

Published Year : 1995

Edition : 1

Format : Hardcover, 192 pages

Dimensions : 8.63 (w) x 9.94 (h) x 1.42 (d)

ISBN : 0875966756

ISBN13 : 9780875966755

Overview :

Imagine this scene in your backyard: Colorful birds nest in the trees, butterflies skip from flower to flower, squirrels scamper through the grass, frogs perch along the water's edge, bats dash about after nightfall. Now, it's as easy to create this picture as it is to imagine it - no matter where you live or what size yard you have. The National Wildlife Federation's Guide to Gardening for Wildlife is a complete handbook for transforming any backyard into a lovely year-round haven for birds, mammals, amphibians and other wild creatures. Detailed plant lists, garden plans and basic organic gardening know-how show you how to create a healthy, thriving garden that you'll enjoy as much as the wildlife you're attracting.