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The Mines Of The Minotaur (companions Quartet)

The Mines Of The Minotaur (companions Quartet)

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thirteen-year-old Connie Lionheart Is The Only Universal Companion, Able To Communicate With All Of The Mythical Creatures Hidden In Our World. She Is The Most Important Member Of A Secret Society Sworn To Protect The Bonds Between Humans And Creatures. But Even Connie Doesn't Know The Full Extent Of Her Powers.

and Now, Something Dark Is Calling To Her, Taking Her Places And Making Her Do Things That She Can't Control. The Society Doesn't Believe Her Claims That These Destructive Acts Are Not Her Doing. With Nowhere To Turn, Connie Escapesto A World Deep Underground, Willed With Others That The Society Has Abandoned.

in This Third Book Of The Eco-fantasy Series the Companions Quartet, Connie Learns That The Hardest Choices Are The Ones You Must Make On Your Own.

children's Literature

connie Lionheart Is The Only Universal Companion, The Human Who Can Communicate With All The Mythical Creatures In The World, But At Thirteen, Connie Has Difficulty Controlling Her Powers, And There Is No One To Teach Her How. Early In This Third Book Of The Eco-fantasy Series, The Companions Quartet, Connie Twice Calls Up Violent Storms Along The English Coast Where She Lives, Once While Sleep Walking And Again When She Is Upset Because Her Good Friend Col Has Told A Fatherly Member Of The Society For The Protection Of Mythical Creatures About The Cause Of The First Storm. When Dr. Brock Asks The Trustees Of The Society For Help, They Send Their Newest Member, Mr. Coddrington, Who Distrusts Connie And Expels Her From The Society Instead Of Investigating The Problem. Dr. Brock, Col, Connie's Aunt Evelyn, And Other Friends Appeal The Expulsion, And A Few Days Later The Other Four Trustees, Their Mythical Companions, And All The Local Society Members Assemble To Hear The Appeal. Meanwhile, Connie Has Entered An Abandoned Mine Where A Half-blinded Minotaur Protects A Troop Of Mythical Creatures Who've Been Wounded By Pollution And Other Manmade Environmental Problems. With Connie's Reluctant Permission, The Minotaur Leads Col, Dr. Brock, And The Rock Dwarf, Gard, Into The Mazes Of Connie's Mind In An Effort To Discover What Is Happening. In The Center, They Discover A Large Black Area, Which Col Recognizes As The Mark Of Kullervo, The Enemy Of Humanity And Connie's Counterpart In The Dark World. Older And More Experienced, He Is Determined To Control Her. After This Knowledge Is Made Public At The Appeal, The Minotaur Leads All The Trustees Into Connie's Mind, But The Treachery Of Mr.coddrington's Weather Giant Companion Unleashes Kullervo, And A Wild Battle Ensues. Kullervo Is Finally Ousted From Connie's Mind, And The Trustees Assign The Rock Dwarf To Be Her Mentor. The Story Is Filled With Intriguing Characters, Both Human And Mythical, And The Background Of Connie's Everyday Life In School Among Humans Who Know Nothing Of The Drama Going On Around Them Contributes To The Book's Attraction. Reviewer: Judy Dapolito

Author : Julia Golding

Publisher : Two Lions

Published Year : 2008

Format : Hardcover, 288 pages

ISBN : 0761453024

ISBN13 : 9780761453024

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