The Meat You Eat

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Author : Ken Midkiff

Publisher : Griffin

Published Year : 2005

Edition : 1

Format : Paperback, 222 pages

Dimensions : 8.16 (w) x 10.88 (h) x 0.60 (d)

ISBN : 0312325363

ISBN13 : 9780312325367

Overview :

We may be gambling with our lives whenever we purchase meat, milk, or eggs in a supermarket and every time we order a burger at a fast-food restaurant because agribusinesses have allowed unsafe and unhealthy products to be sold and consumed by an unsuspecting public.

The Meat You Eat explains what you should know about how the quality of our food has been greatly compromised in the name of productivity and profit. With large corporations controlling the food supply not only has our health been put at risk but the practices these companies undertake to mass-produce foods has lead to inhumane treatment of animals, lack of diversity in the food supply, as well as put a strain on the environment.

Ken Midkiff argues that there are actions consumers can take. While eating a vegan or vegetarian diet is an option there are ways to keep meat, fish, eggs and more on our plates. We can use and support local farmers and sustainable farming, and demand that our supermarkets and restaurants sell organically grown, free-range, and local products.

Featuring a resource guide to sustainable producers of meat, milk, and eggs across the country, The Meat You Eat is a call to arms to change the way we eat.