The Joy Diet: 10 Daily Practices For A Happier Life

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martha Beck, The Beloved Columnist And Lifestyle Counselor From Oprah Magazine, Returns With A New Prescription For Personal Fulfillment. The Joy Diet Shows Readers How To Add Ten Ingredients To Their Daily Routine To Change The Course Of Their Lives - To Find Purpose, Overcome Obstacles, Heal Wounds, And Build Dreams. These Are The Ten Most Powerful Life-enhancing Behaviors Martha Beck Has Found In Years Of Research And Practice, Clearly Explained And Served With Poignant Examples From Her Life Design Practice, Her Trademark Good-humored Wit, And Straightforward Instructions For Incorporating Them Into Everyday Life. As Martha Puts It, The Greatest Thing You'll Learn From Actually Practicing The Joy Diet Is That Money, Love, And Success... Are The Product Of A Joyful Life, Not The Cause.

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beck, Author Of The Bestselling Finding Your Own North Star And Columnist For O Magazine, Delivers Another Useful And Sure-to-be-popular Self-help Guide. The Joy Diet, Designed For The Soul Rather Than The Body, Is Composed Of 10 Steps That, Once Learned, Are To Be Practiced On A Daily Basis To Achieve Greater Fulfillment And A Happier Life. Beck Strongly Suggests Becoming Thoroughly Familiar With Each Step, By Practicing It For A Week, Before Adding The Next Step. According To The Author, The First Step, Spending 15 Uninterrupted Minutes A Day Doing Nothing (meditating, Engaging In Repetitive Physical Activity, Staring At Some Natural Motion Like Flowing Water), Is The Hardest To Learn And The Basis For All The Other Activities. She Contends That A Daily Period Of Mindful Silence Provides A Sanctuary That No One Can Ever Take From You. The Other Nine Steps Include Methods For Dealing With Emotional Pain, Identifying True Desires, Employing Creativity To Realize Yearnings And Taking Appropriate Risks. Beck Advocates Daily Self-nourishment Through Play, Humor And The Enjoyment Of At Least Three Personalized Treats. Written In A Down-to-earth, Positive Tone, The Author's Thoughtfully Designed Exercises, Inspirational Anecdotes And Gentle Advice Should Fall On Fertile Ground. National Publicity. (may) Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

Author : Martha Beck

Publisher : Harmony

Published Year : 2003

Edition : 1

Format : Hardcover, 240 pages

Dimensions : 5.24 (w) x 7.90 (h) x 0.93 (d)

ISBN : 0609609904

ISBN13 : 9780609609903

Overview :

Welcome to The Joy Diet, a menu of ten behaviors you can add to your way of living and thinking to enhance every day’s journey through the unpredictable terrain of your existence. You can add these behaviors gradually and watch your life become steadily more vivid and satisfying. Or you can go on a “crash Joy Diet” to help you navigate life’s emergencies.
The ten menu items are:

• Nothing: Do nothing for fifteen minutes a day. Stop mindlessly chasing goals and figure out which goals are worth going after.

• Truth: Create a moment of truth to help you unmask what you’re hiding—from others and from yourself.

• Desire: Identify, articulate, and explore at least one of your heart’s desires—and learn how to let yourself want what you want.

• Creativity: Learn six new ways to develop at least one new idea to help you obtain your heart’s desire.

• Risk: Take one baby step toward reaching your goal. The only rule is it has to scare the pants off you.

• Treats: Give yourself a treat for every risk you take and two treats just because you’re you. No exceptions. No excuses.

• Play: Take a moment to remember your real life’s work and differentiate it from the games you play to achieve it. Then play wholeheartedly.

• Laughter: Laugh at least thirty times a day. Props encouraged.

• Connection: Use your Joy Diet skills to interact with someone who matters to you.

• Feasting: Enjoy at least three square feasts a day, with or without food.

No matter what your long-term goals are, The Joy Diet, written with Martha Beck’s inimitable blend of wisdom, practical guidance, and humor, will help you achieve the immediate gift of joyful living in the here and now. Begin your journey today.