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The Great Tree Of Avalon 1: Child Of The Dark Prophecy

The Great Tree Of Avalon 1: Child Of The Dark Prophecy

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long Ago The Great Wizard Merlin Planted The Seed That Would Become The Peaceful World Of Avalon.

now, The Enchanted Land Is In Peril, And Its Fate Lies In The Hands Of Three People-but Only One Of Them Is Merlin's Heir Who Can Save Avalon, While The Others Are Destined To Destroy It.


barron Builds On His Popular Lost Years Of Merlin Saga, Creating An Elaborate, Richly Detailed World Spread Out On The Seven Roots Of The Great Tree Of Avalon, Which Grew From A Seed Won By Merlin On His Journey Through A Magical Mirror. The Story Begins In Avalon's Year 1002, When It Appears That The Lady Of The Lake's Dark Prophecy Is Coming True And The Only Hope Of Saving Avalon Lies In Finding Merlin's True Heir. The Fates Of Two Boys Born 17 Years Earlier And Raised As Brothers Are Intrinsically Bound To The Prophecy; Scree The Orphaned Eagleboy Charged With Guarding Merlin's Staff, And Tamwyn, Who Fears He Is The Dark Child Destined To Destroy Avalon. Liberally Laced With Humor And Wit, The First In the Great Tree Of Avalon Series Effectively Introduces And Fleshes Out Remarkable Characters, Both Human And Non-human. It Also Vividly Sets The Scene Through The Adventures Of Various Beings Who Eventually Come Together In A Desperate Quest To Stop The Evil That Threatens Avalon And Its Denizens. Even Readers Unfamiliar With the Lost Years Of Merlin Will Relish This Fine Debut Of A Promising New Fantasy Series. (starred Review)

Author : T. A. Barron

Publisher : Ace

Published Year : 2005

Edition : Reprint

Format : Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages

ISBN : 0441013082

ISBN13 : 9780441013081

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