The Go-girl Guide : Surviving Your 20s With Savvy, Soul, And Style

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With Nine Years Of 20-something Experience And Dozens Of Interviews With Career Counselors, Dating Coaches, Family Psychologists, Sex Therapists, Financial Advisors, And Nearly 100 Other 20-something Women (the Real Experts), Julia Bourland Offers Real-life Perspective, Savvy Advice, And A Good Laugh Or Two On Everything You Need To Know About This Hair-raising Decade Of Transition. The Soul-search Train -- The Career Psychics -- Internship Insight -- Occupational Guidebooks -- The Insiders -- The Trial-and-error Approach -- The Job Hunt -- Tunnel Of Horror -- Getting Set Up -- Vibing The Company -- Paper Coquetry -- The First Interview -- The Rejection Factor -- Considering Commitment -- Negotiating The Offer -- The Entry-level Initiation -- The Induction -- Culture Shock -- Bonding With The Elders -- The Ultimate Elder -- Tribal Speak -- Rising Through The Ranks -- The I Hate My Job Syndrome -- Beyond Entry Level -- Our Love Lives -- The Mating Frenzy -- Getting To The Starting Line -- Ladies, Start Your Engines -- And The Race Begins (the First Date) -- Laps Two And Three -- Red Flag Alert -- Safety Hazards -- Staying On Track -- The Final Lap: Are We Dating Yet? -- Adventures In Couplehood -- Self-preservation -- Communication -- Conflict Resolution -- Romance Maintenance -- Long-distance Dating -- When It's Time To Dump A Guy -- Getting Over A Breakup --^ On Taking Minibreaks -- Moving In With Mr. Maybe -- Swapping Vows -- You Sexy Thing -- Let The Cannonballs Fly! -- Choosing Our Comrades In Bed -- The One- (or Two- ) Night Stand -- The Sex History Talk -- Our Sexual Health -- A Word Or Two On Birth Control -- The Upredictable Female Orgasm -- All Women Climax Differently -- Orgasms Don't (pardon The Pun) Come Easily -- Our Partners Need Pointers On What Turns Us On -- Intercourse, Alone, Doesn't Cut It (at Least, For Most Of Us) -- Not All Orgasms Have The Same Oomph -- The Mind Has More Verve Than A Vibrator -- Orgasms Aren't Proof Of Good Sex -- The Libido Crash And Revival -- Our Body And Soul -- Emotional Theatrics -- The Identity Crisis -- That Self-loathing Feeling -- I'm So Stressed Out! -- Is There Anybody Out There? -- Moving 101 -- When You Have The Blues -- Rage -- Envy -- A Mental-health Checkup -- The Body-image Demons -- The Value Of Being Cute -- Real Women And The Airbrushed -- Ads That Promise The Universe --^ The Roots Of Body-image Blues -- The Scapegoat Factor -- The Body Morph -- One Week Without Obsessions -- A Wardrobe You Love -- Bathroom Scale Torch -- Mirror, Hateful Mirror! -- Exercise And Proper Fuel -- Body Image And The Bedroom -- The Mind Factor -- That Whacked-out Body Feeling -- Our Size And Shape -- Our Faces -- Our Skin -- Our Hair -- Our Digestive Systems -- Our Reproductive Systems -- Our Feet -- Exercise Guidelines -- Nutrition Guidelines -- Screening Tests To Get Right Away -- Our Support Group -- Family Knots -- Who Are These People (and What Did They Do With My Parents)? -- Cutting The Cord -- Unresolved Issues -- Sibling Rivalry No More! -- Sharing The Nest -- Home For The Holidays And Other Visits -- The Bizarre Role Reversal -- Starting A Family Of Our Own -- On Becoming Friends -- Our Surrogate Family -- The Maintenance Factor -- Downsizing The Circle -- Forging New Bonds -- Mixing Boyfriends Into The Stew -- Grouping The Gang --^ Our Finances And Other Loose Ends -- Financial Chaos -- On Being Dirt Poor -- Our Budget -- The Price Of Fun -- Money Etiquette -- Getting Out Of Debt (and Staying Out) -- Saving For Retirement -- The Crisis Fund -- Investing Extra -- One Final Taxing Matter -- Loose Ends -- Our Birthdays -- Theme Music -- The Three-month Marker -- Top 10 List Of Things To Do In Your 20s -- Keep On Movin'. Julia Bourland. Includes Bibliographical References (p. 329-331) And Index.

Author : Julia Bourland

Publisher : Contemporary Books

Published Year : 2000

Edition : 1

Format : Print - Paperback, 340 pages

Subject : Young women--Conduct of life, Young women, Young women--Life skills guides, Single women--Conduct of life, Single women, Single women--Life skills guides, HQ1229 .B62 2000, 646.7/0084/22

Language : Eng English

Dimensions : Xii, 340 P. ; 21 Cm.

ISBN : 0809224763

ISBN13 : 9780809224760

Overview :

A woman's 20s are a roller coaster of highs and lows, unseen twists, and frustrating turns. Irreverent yet helpful and information, The Go-Girl Guide covers everything from dating to climbing the career ladder to dealing with a body that has packed on some pounds, exactly what girls just entering or already swimming in this brave new world need to know. Julia Bourland's straight-talking survival guide puts the entire decade in perspective, giving you a sense that the uncensored insider's scoop from an older, more worldly sister.