The Eye Of Spirit: An Integral Vision For A World Gone Slightly Mad

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in This Groundbreaking Book, Ken Wilber Uses His Widely Acknowledged Spectrum Of Consciousness Model To Completely Rewrite Our Approach To Such Important Fields As Psychology, Spirituality, Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Art And Literary Theory, Ecology, Feminism, And Planetary Transformation. What Would Each Of Those Fields Look Like If We Wholeheartedly Accepted The Existence Of Not Just Body And Mind But Also Soul And Spirit?

in A Stunning Display Of Integrative Embrace, Wilber Weaves These Various Fragments Together Into A Coherent And Compelling Vision For The Modern And Postmodern World.

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wilber (sex, Ecology, Spirituality, Shambhala, 1995) Takes On A Tremendous Task: Attempting To Derive From The Tenets Of The World's Wisdom Traditions, Both Religious And Nonreligious, And From Many Academic Fields One Unifying Vision Of The Modern And Postmodern World. He Calls His Approach The Spectrum Of Consciousness, I.e., Reducing Aphorisms From Various Sources Until They Agree With Each Other, And Using These As Building Blocks For His Conclusions. Unfortunately, The Long And Difficult Road Wilber Takes Us Along Leads To No Grand Religious Or Philosophical Epiphany. The Conclusions Are A Wash Of Poetic Statements About An Ever-present Awareness Or A Pure And Simple Witness, Beliefs That Are Popular With New Age Philosophies That Require Little Of The Deep Discussions That Preceded. Of Interest Mainly To Theology Students.-glenn Masuchika, Chaminade Univ. Lib., Honolulu

Authors : Wilber, Ken

Publisher : Shambhala

Published Year : 2001

Format : Paperback, 464 pages

Language : English

ISBN : 1570628718

ISBN13 : 9781570628719