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The Earth Kingdom Chronicles: The Tale Of Sokka (4) (avatar)

The Earth Kingdom Chronicles: The Tale Of Sokka (4) (avatar)

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i Am Sokka Of The Southern Water Tribe, And I'm The Plan Guy For Team Avatar! Even Though I Am Not A Bender, I'm Still An Awesome Fighter With My Trusty Boomerang. The Avatar And My Sister Katara Are Depending On Me To Get Them Safely Through The Earth Kingdom, And It Has Not Been Easy. I've Had To Deal With Fierce Badger- Moles, An Evil Fire Nation Princess, And An Earth King Who Refuses To Acknowledge That There Is A War Going On! Still, I'm Giving It My Best Shot. After All, The Fate Of The World Is In Our Hands.

Author : Michael Teitelbaum

Publisher : Simon Spotlight/nickelodeon

Published Year : 2007

Format : Paperback - Paperback, 96 pages

Subject : Manga, Fiction - Comic Books & Graphic Novels

Dimensions : 5.20 (w) x 7.30 (h) x 0.30 (d)

ISBN : 141693829x

ISBN13 : 9781416938293

Overview :

I am Sokka of the Southern Water Tribe, and I'm the "plan guy" for Team Avatar! Even though I am not a bender, I'm still an awesome fighter with my trusty boomerang. The Avatar and my sister Katara are depending on me to get them safely through the Earth Kingdom, and it has not been easy. I've had to deal with fierce badger- moles, an evil Fire Nation princess, and an Earth King who refuses to acknowledge that there is a war going on! Still, I'm giving it my best shot. After all, the fate of the world is in our hands.

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