Steal Away (teri Blake-addison Mystery Series #1)

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Author : Linda Hall

Publisher : Multnomah Publishers

Published Year : 2003

Format : Paperback, 304 pages

Language : English

Dimensions : 5.28 (w) x 8.25 (h) x 0.78 (d)

ISBN : 1590520726

ISBN13 : 9781590520727

Overview :

Dr. Carl Houseman, celebrated minister and speaker, is determined to find out what really happened to his wife, declared dead five years ago after her sailboat washed ashore on a coastal island of Maine. Private investigator Terri Blake-Addison must piece together the life of this woman who felt she didn't know or understand the God that her husband so faithfully served. Did Ellen really die in those cold Atlantic waters? When a murder rocks the island, Terri knows more is at stake than just the puzzling life of an unhappy minister's wife.