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Spider Sparrow

Spider Sparrow

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Author : Dick King-smith

Publisher : Crown Books For Young Readers

Published Year : 2000

Edition : 1

Format : Hardcover, 176 pages

Dimensions : 5.80 (w) x 8.57 (h) x 0.72 (d)

ISBN : 0517800438

ISBN13 : 9780517800430

Overview :

Spider Sparrow has always been different. Abandoned as an infant in a lambing pen and adopted by a kindly shepherd and his wife, Spider’s life is unusual from the start. As he grows, it becomes clear that he is not like other children: he can't walk, talk, or learn like them. But Spider has a gift: he can imitate perfectly the sounds of animals. The animals–and his community–love him for it.

For Spider, the world may be a difficult place, but he lives each day with joy and courage. And those who meet Spider will never forget him.

Spider, a baby abandoned on an English farm, grows up to be mentally slower than other children but manifests a remarkable talent for communicating with animals as he comes of age during World War II.

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