Some Dog!: A Picture Book

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George was once a bouncy pup; now his pace is steady and slow. Still, he feels special. Then - Ya-yippity, yappity, yeep-yeep-yeep! - a stray dog bristling with energy lands on George's doorstep and wiggles himself right into George's family. Full of tricks, this new dog, Zippity, is a wonder! But when Zippity disappears, it's George who proves that an old dog with a few tricks of his own can still be . . . SOME DOG!

Expressive watercolors brimming with humor make this a perfect choice for dog lovers of any age, while any child who has felt his status usurped by a new sibling will cheer as George, a most unlikely hero, saves the day.

Children's Literature

This title may seem like a nod to E.B. White, for those who remember the spider's first words about the pig Wilbur, but that is where any similarity ends. Mary Casanova's animals are not farm animals. They certainly do not speak (at least, nothing beyond the Wa-roo and Yip-yip sounds you would expect from these particular breeds). But you can be sure that these animals have feelings—and they will tug at your heartstrings just like the beloved characters of old. Bassett hound George basks in the glow of his owners' attention. Then, one day a new dog enters the scene and everything changes. The energetic interloper quickly claims the spotlight. He fetches, he does tricks, and he even helps them shop. Soon, George's bassetty jowls are hanging lower than ever. What can possibly change this unhappy situation? How can he come to terms with his new roommate?

Authors : Mary Casanova, Ard Hoyt

Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Published Year : February 2007

Edition : 1st

Subject : Children's Fiction, Family

ISBN : 0374371334

ISBN13 : 9780374371333