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Road Dogs

Road Dogs

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legendary new York Times Bestselling Author Elmore Leonard Returns With Three Of His Favorite Characters: Jack Foley From out Of Sight, Cundo Rey From labrava, And Dawn Navarro From riding The Rap.

jack Foley Is Serving A Thirty-year Sentence In A Miami Penitentiary, But He's Made An Unlikely Friend On The Inside Who Just Might Be Able To Do Something About That. Fellow Inmate Cundo Rey, An Extremely Wealthy Cuban Criminal, Arranges For Foley's Sentence To Be Reduced From Thirty Years To Three Months, And When Jack Is Released Just Two Weeks Ahead Of Cundo, He Agrees To Wait For Him In Venice Beach, California.

also Waiting For Cundo Is His Common-law Wife, Dawn Navarro, A Professional Psychic With A Slightly Ulterior Motive For Staying With Cundo: She Wants His Money. And With The Arrival Of Jack, She Sees The Perfect Partner In A Plan To Relieve Cundo Of His Fortune. Cundo May Be Jack's Friend, But Does That Mean He Can Trust Him? And Can Either Of Them Trust Dawn?

road Dogs Is Elmore Leonard At His Best And Readers Will Love Seeing Cundo, Jack, And Dawn Back In Action And Working Together . . . Or Are They?

the Barnes & Noble Review

if He Weren't Known As A Master Of Crime Fiction, Elmore Leonard Would Be Recognized As One Of Our Best Writers Of Romantic Comedy.

In The Movies Now, Romantic Comedies Are Little More Than Oprah-ized Discussions On The State Of Our Relationships, Therapy Sessions With An Implied Laugh Track. At Heart, Though, Romantic Comedy Has Always Been A Tough-minded Genre. Even When The Couple Had Passed The Tests Before Them, The Fade-outs Usually Offered Only The Certainty That What Lay In Front Of These New Lovers Was The Hard Work Of Living. At Its Best -- the Lady Eve, Holiday, Or Even The Recent ghost Town -- Romantic Comedy Is Not For Wimps.

Author : Elmore Leonard

Publisher : Harpercollins Publishers

Published Year : 2010

Format : Paperback, 262 pages

Dimensions : 5.30 (w) x 7.90 (h) x 0.80 (d)

ISBN : 0061985708

ISBN13 : 9780061985706

Overview :

Jack Foley and Cundo Rey are road dogs: trusted jailhouse comrades watching each other's back. They're so tight, Cundo's using his own money and his shark lady lawyer to get Foley's sentence reduced from thirty years to three months. And when Jack gets out, the wealthy Cuban criminal wants him to stay in Cundo's multimillion dollar Venice Beach house—right across from the one where Cundo's common-law wife, professional psychic Dawn Navarro, resides. There will certainly be some payback expected, though Jack can't figure out what. Sexy Dawn's intentions are a lot clearer. But Cundo's coming home earlier than anticipated, and Jack smells a double-cross cooking—the kind that could turn a road dog into road kill.

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