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Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality: The Power Of The Feminine Way

Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality: The Power Of The Feminine Way

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Linda E. Savage. Includes Bibliographical References (pages 275-278).

Author : Savage, Linda E.

Publisher : Hay House

Published Year : 1999

Format : print - Paperback, 293 pages

Subject : Sex--Religious aspects--Goddess religion, Sex instruction for women, Women--Sexual behavior, Sex--Mythology, BL460 .S34 1999, 155.3/33

Language : Eng English

Dimensions : xxv, 293 pages ; 21 cm

ISBN : 1561706078

ISBN13 : 9781561706075

Overview :

Can you imagine living in a culture where female sexuality is considered sacred instead of a sin? This was true for at least 30,000 years. These societies worshipped the Divine as the Great Mother Goddess. They believed that the Yoni (the female genitals) was the magical gateway, for all life and sexual desire was the gift of the Goddess. A woman's moon flow was considered a powerful time for spiritual visions. Sharing sexual pleasure was a sacred way to honor the Life Force. Every important celebration included sensual dancing and the enactment of the Great Marriage. These Goddess cultures were earth-honoring, matrilineal, and woman-centered.. They were not ruled by women, but favored a model of partnership in male-female relationships. We now live in a male- dominant, patriarchal society, but the time is ripe for a resurgence of this ancient world view, updated to fit the needs of the new millennium.

You are a Maiden-you will learn to awaken your sexual energy as you let go of your sex negative conditioning. You will learn how to create the best possible conditions for you to explore your sexual pleasures. If you are a Mother, struggling to balance all the demands of your life, you will learn how to revive and enhance your sexual desire. You can create the seductive setting you need to experience the best sex of your life with your partner. If you have thought of yourself as too old for sex, you can transform your life with sexual healing. With the knowledge of how to develop intentional sexual desire, you can empower your sexuality, and reach sexual mastery. If you are a man reading this, READ ON!

All women seek individual self-expression and yearn for intimacy in relationships, and do not want to have to choose between the two. The desire to be known and to know another in a deeply satisfying relationship that fosters personal growth and a sense of communion is intrinsic to the feminine way. This book is your road map for relationships in the new millennium.

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