Raising Self-reliant Children In A Self-indulgent World: Seven Building Blocks For Developing Capable Young People

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Authors : Jane Nelsen Ed.d., H. Stephen Glenn

Publisher : Prima Lifestyles

Published Year : 1988-02-23

Format : Paperback, 256 pages

Dimensions : 5.87 (w) x 8.76 (h) x 0.83 (d)

ISBN : 0914629921

ISBN13 : 9780914629924

Overview :

Bestselling authors H. Stephen Glenn and Jane Nelsen have helped hundreds of thousands of parents raise capable, independent children with Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World. On its tenth anniversary, this parenting classic returns with fresh, up-to-date information to offer you inspiring and workable ideas for developing a trusting relationship with children, as well as the skills to implement the necessary discipline to help your child become a responsible adult.

Those who think in terms of leniency versus strictness will be surprised. This book goes beyond these issues to teach children to be responsible and self-reliant—not through outer-directed concerns, such as fear and intimidation, but through inner-directed behavior, such as feeling accountable for one's commitments. Inside, you'll discover how to instill character-building values and traits in your child that last a lifetime.

"During these turbulent days when families are in disarray and children are getting the short end of the stick, this book can be very helpful to parents who are struggling to bring up self-reliant children. Even after raising five of my own and becoming a grandfather for the seventh time, I got some new ideas out of it!"—Art Linkletter

"An inspiring, workable formula for developing closeness, trust, dignity, and respect . . . a real gem."—Becky Ridgeway, School Social Worker

About the Authors

H. Stephen Glenn, Ph.D., is internationally recognized for his work in family psychology and education. He has been a featuredspeaker at the White House. He lives in Ashland, Oregon.

Jane Nelsen, Ed.D., coauthor of the bestselling Positive Discipline series, is a licensed marriage, family, and child therapist. Her books have sold over a million copies. She lives in San Clemente, California.

In this brilliant and passionate work, two of our nation's most respected educators offer an original explanation of why so many young people don't feel capable. Once they explore the nature of the problem, Glenn and Nelsen proceed to offer a blueprint designed to help children.