My Life As Invisible Intestines With Intense Indigestion (the Incredible Worlds Of Wally Mcdoogle #20)

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my Life As Invisible Intestines (with Intense Indigestion) Is Book # 20 In The The Incredible Worlds Of Wally Mcdoogle Series. When Wally First Becomes Invisible (thanks To The Handy-dandy Oops Machine) It's Great Fun. Now He Can Do Whatever He Wants, Like Defending Opera By Humiliating A Bully, Or Helping The Local Football Team Come Back From A 0-54 Score. Then, Of Course, There's Always Giving Wall Street A Hand In Making Her First Million. . . . But The Fun And Games Are Short Lived When Everybody From A Crazy Ghost Buster, To The Fbi, To The 59 ½ Minutes Tv Show, To The Neighbor's New Dog (a Cross Between A Grizzly Bear And A Tyrannosaurs Rex) Begin Pursuing Him. Soon Wally Is Stumbling And Staggering Through His Greatest Misadventure Ever . . . Until He Finally Learns That Cheating And Taking Short Cuts In Life Are Not All They're Cracked Up To Be. Until He Learns That Honesty Really Is The Best Policy.

Author : Bill Myers

Publisher : Thomas Nelson

Published Year : 2001

Format : Paperback, 128 pages

ISBN : 0849959918

ISBN13 : 9780849959912