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Island Dreamer (the Christy Miller Series #5)

Island Dreamer (the Christy Miller Series #5)

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Author : Robin Jones Gunn

Publisher : Focus On The Family

Published Year : 1999

Format : Paperback, 160 pages

Dimensions : 5.34 (w) x 7.54 (h) x 0.48 (d)

ISBN : 1561797189

ISBN13 : 9781561797189

Overview :


In the real-world, boys don't always call back, friends sometimes make you angry, and parents aren't always perfect. In THE CHRISTY MILLER series, Christy Miller experiences the same struggles as you do. High school is a great time but there is a ton to learn and tons more to experience. Join Christy and her friends as they find out that the good things in life—God's love, friendship, parents—all require time and dedication to experience fully. The CHRISTY MILLER books have been updated inside and out for you and your friends.

With Island Dreamer, Christy is spending her sixteenth birthday in Hawaii with her entire family and her friend Paula. The beautiful weather, the gorgeous flowers…she can hardly believe her good fortune…especially when she discovers that her aunt and uncle have flown Todd out, too. What should be one of the happiest times of her life turns into disaster when Christy isn't the only one who is warmed by Todd's good looks. Paula is determined to win him over and Christy struggles not to let jealousy and fear overcome her love for her friend.

Christy Miller visits Hawaii, where she turns sixteen and overcomes her fear of driving during an island adventure.

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