Ideal of Rationality: A Defense, Within Reason

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The Ideal of Rationality presents an evaluation of all the main varieties of rationalism, in clear and jargon-free language. Different notions of rationality - such as means-end, conception, hedonism, and the evil-avoidance view - are examined and rejected, in favor of the theory that to act rationally is to 'act for the best', a theory Nathanson characterizes as critical pluralism. Among present-day thinkers whose ideas are scrutinized are Richard Brandt, Bernard Gert, Gilbert Harman, John Kekes, Robert Nozick, Karl Popper, and John Rawls.

Author : Stephen Nathanson

Publisher : Open Court Publishing Company

Published Year : June 1994

Edition : 1st

Subject : Philosophy, History & Surveys

ISBN : 0812692616

ISBN13 : 9780812692617