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I Lost My Kisses

I Lost My Kisses

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"Where do you find kisses?"
"What do kisses look like?"
Matilda Rose loves to kiss. But one day, something goes terribly, horribly wrong. She loses her kisses, just before her daddy is going to come home. Matilda goes on the hysterical and thoughtful search to find her kisses.
Matilda Rose learns that you can never really lose your kisses -- they will always be there when you need them.
Trudie Trewin's delightful story paired with Nick Bland adorable illustrations will charm readers of all ages!

Children's Literature

Young cow Matilda Rose loves to kiss. Unfortunately, she has lost her kisses just as her daddy is due home from a business trip. Mommy assures her that the kisses will be there when she needs them, but a distressed Matilda embarks on a hunt to find her lost kisses. Along the way she asks her friends if they have seen her kisses, to no avail. Matilda Rose cannot tell them what her kisses look like but she knows what they feel like: "soft like Mommy's sweet-dream-kiss." She knows what they taste like and what they sound like: "wet, slurpy, sloppy sound like baby Nat's slobber-kiss," but not where her kisses have gone. Finally, the time to pick up Daddy from the airport arrives. Many people at the airport have their kisses, which makes Matilda teary. Finally Daddy arrives and, with a "Matilda Rose, where's my big smoocheroo?" he finds Matilda's kisses at last. This slight but sweet tale is perfect for preschool story time. Bland's mainly pencil illustrations are livened up with splashes of subtle watercolors. The abundant white space and style of drawing are reminiscent of Ian Falconer's Olivia and just as endearing. The attention to detail and facial expressions are exceptional. This is a good addition of for all preschool collections. Reviewer: Sharon Oliver

Author : Trudie Trewin

Publisher : Orchard Books

Published Year : 2008-01-01

Edition : 1

Format : Hardcover, 32 pages

ISBN : 0545055571

ISBN13 : 9780545055574

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