Hey Mr. Green: Sierra Magazine's Answer Guy Tackles Your Toughest Green Living Questions

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When is the right time to replace an old refrigerator? Is it okay to knit a sweater with acrylic yarn? Is it more environmentally correct to buy beer in bottles or cans? For the last several years, Bob Schildgen’s popular “Hey Mr. Green” column has tackled real-world questions from real people. Readers trust his answers, which are backed by Sierra Club’s research, but they also enjoy his realism and irreverent humor. This book distills the best of the column into one enormously useful and entertaining resource. It’s organized by subject — household issues, food and drink, transportation, reuse and recycling, and “big picture” environmental questions — making it easy to find answers to common questions. Whether puzzling over the intricacies of product life cycles or taking a reader to task for blasting his air conditioner, Hey Mr. Green is an indispensable, opinionated, and authoritative guide to minding one’s environmental footprint.

Author : Bob Schildgen

Publisher : Counterpoint

Published Year : 2008

Format : Paperback, 216 pages

Dimensions : 5.60 (w) x 6.90 (h) x 0.40 (d)

ISBN : 1578051436

ISBN13 : 9781578051434

Overview :

For years, Bob Schildgen (aka "Mr. Green") has been answering real-world questions about green living in his Sierra magazine column. Readers know they're getting up-to-the minute, authoritative responses, backed by the research and experience of the Sierra Club. But they've also come to expect a refreshing dose of common sense-and often a good laugh-because Bob is a funny guy with his feet on the ground.

Now the editors of Sierra have distilled the best of "Hey Mr. Green" into this useful and entertaining book, organized into five chapters: "At Home" offers tips on staying cool, cleaning up, and other domestic details. "Food for Thought" focuses on how to eat and drink better while spending less. "Out and About" covers getting around, fueling up, and enjoying the great outdoors. "The Three Rs" shows you how (and why) to reduce, reuse, and recycle almost everything. "The Big Picture" considers how the environment, politics, religion, and other issues intersect-often at the dinner table. Find your answers in this indispensable, authoritative, opinionated guide to lightening your environmental footprint.