Good Intentions: The Nine Unconscious Mistakes Of Nice People

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with The Poignant Honesty Of Robert Fulghum And The Good Sense Of Dear Abby, This Practical Guide Shows Effective Ways To Avoid Being Too Nice And Reclaim A Satisfying And Fulfilling Life.

most People Are Raised To Be Nice. But Some Just Overdo It. They Want To Be Perfect: Always Helpful, Always Available, Never Distinguishing Between Their Own Needs And Those Of Others. Inside They're Frustrated And Unhappy. By Analyzing The Nine Most Common Pitfalls, Good Intentions Shows How The Afflicted Can Liberate Themselves From This Damaging Behavior, Assert Their Own Needs, And Still Remain The Good Person They've Always Wanted To Be.

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as Pastor Of Montclair Presbyterian Church Of Oakland, Calif., Robinson Has Counseled Many People Facing Problems Created Directly By Their Efforts To Be Nice. He Himself Has Suffered From Trying Too Hard To Be Too Much To Too Many, And Has Learned From Personal As Well As Professional Experience To Identify The Most Common Pitfalls Of Self-defeating Niceness, And The Most Helpful Changes To Overcome Them. The Nine Mistakes Nice People Make Are, Robinson Says: Trying To Be Perfect, Taking On Too Much, Not Saying What They Want, Suppressing Anger, Reasoning With Irrationality, Telling Little Lies, Giving Advice, Rescuing Others And Protecting Those In Grief. Robinson Explains The Motivations Behind These Activities And Gives Practical Advice On How To Set Boundaries, Maintain Healthy Balance, Assert Oneself And Still Be A Nice Person. Avoiding Overt Religious Language, He Undergirds His Message By Encouraging People To Accept Your Acceptance By The Love That Drives The Universe. Only Then, He Concludes, Can They Overcome The Desperate Need To Be Accepted, Which Leads Them Into The Nine Mistakes. In A Kind And Loving Way, Robinson Offers Just The Push Many People Need To Begin To Set Practical Limits And To Practice Healthy Self-assertiveness. (july)

Author : Duke Robinson

Publisher : Grand Central Publishing

Published Year : 1997

Format : Hardcover, 288 pages

ISBN : 0446520853

ISBN13 : 9780446520850