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Frozen Girl

Frozen Girl

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Authors : David Getz, Peter McCarty

Publisher : Henry Holth & Co (j)

Published Year : 1998

Edition : 1

Format : Hardcover, 72 pages

Dimensions : 5.80 (w) x 7.04 (h) x 0.51 (d)

ISBN : 0805051538

ISBN13 : 9780805051537

Overview :

Over five hundred years ago, there lived a thirteen-year-old Inca girl in the mountains of Peru. Because of her perfect beauty, she was chosen to be the official sacrifice to the god of Mount Ampato. Feasting began days before the actual ceremony and priests gave the girl elaborate costumes to wear. Then the time came for her to be given to the mountain.

Centuries have passed and it is 1990. Hiking on the snowy peak of Mount Ampato, an archeologist and a mountain elimber make an unusual find: charred wood and other signs of ancient human life buried in the frozen ground. Before long, they uncover the mummified body of a young girl, and a scientific inquiry begins.

In this companion book to his award-winning Frozen Man, author David Getz gives young readers an up-close look at the discovery of the Incan mummy. He shows how scientists pieced together clues to the frozen girl's identity, including theories on how and why she was sacrificed. Evocative illustrations from Peter McCarty bring the girl and her culture to life. Photographs of the actual mummy are also included.

Discussses the discovery, history, and significance of an Incan mummy found frozen in the mountains of Peru.

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