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Friend To Friend

Friend To Friend

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Author Lois Wyse Celebrates This Ageless Art Of Friendship With Letters From Famous Women To Their Friends. From Harriet Beecher Stowe (who Writes To Her Best Friend On The Day Of Her Wedding, Minutes Before The Ceremony), Edith Wharton (contemplating Her Fortieth Birthday), Virginia Woolf (on Meeting A New Friend), Ayn Rand (who Writes To Mend A Friendship), To Abigail Adams (writing To Her Dearest Friend, Her Husband), Susan B. Anthony, And Amelia Earhart, And Many. More. These Letters Remind Us Of The Timelessness Of The Feelings That Move Each Of Us To Reach Out To Our Friends, And Of The Sheer Joy That Is Our Reward When We Do. Celebration. ...your Old Friend...will...change To Nobody Knows Who... / Harriet Beecher Stowe -- This Letter Seems To Me Very Sentimental And I Really Mean It All... / Anne Morrow Lindbergh -- I Excessively Hate To Be Forty...i'm Not Ready Yet. / Edith Wharton -- Dearest Friend, To Think That You Are Now A Two Months' Wife, & That I Have Never Written... / Florence Nightingale -- What Fun For All Your Friends, Myself Among Them!... / Edna St. Vincent Millay -- Anyway, Dear Hannah, I Love Him, More Than Before. / Mary Mccarthy -- Now I Have Read The Letter That Only You Could Have Written... / Rachel Carson -- Appreciation. I Don't Know What To Write To You, So I Shall Tell You A Story... / Beatrix Potter. Cont.): Lord! How I Liked You! How I Rejoiced In Your Existence! / Virginia Woolf -- I Can Thank You...for All The Good There Is In Me... / Louisa May Alcott -- Frankie, Guess Who Came While You Were Away On Vacation? Sam Pepys. Please Thank Whoever Mailed Him For Me... / Helene Hanff -- Gee We Had A Lovely Time. Gosh We Certainly Do Love You -- / Katy Dos Passos -- The Physical Distance Between Us Now Is Longer But Not The Basis Of Mental Communion. / Mary Ritter Beard -- So Thee Sees That Our Friends Are Thinking Of Us. I Was Amazed At Their Generosity... / Carol Zens Kellam -- Bless You For Being So Thoughtful And Generous. / Joan Crawford -- Thank God For The Money That You Continue To Send Me... / Jane Bowles. Cont.): Consolation. People Always Torture Themselves In This Way; I Could Do It, Too, Remembering That I Hurt Her, But Instead I Remember The Happy Times. / Edna St. Vincent Millay -- Your Letter Was A Great Comfort To Me. I Was Kind Of Low... / Gertrude Stein -- Takes As Least 10 Years To Realize The Death Of A Parent... / H.d. -- ...we Are All So Close Together, Mother, And Always Will Be -- Life Or Death. / Anne Morrow Lindbergh -- Moment Must Be Lost When A Heart Is Breaking... / Emily Dickinson -- A Friend That I Am Afraid Of Writing Spontaneously. / Ayn Rand -- If One Could Only Rid One's Mind, Completely Of Words During The Night, One Would Be Better. / Dame Edith Sitwell. Cont.): ...we Must Go Now, I To Die, You To Live. / Hannah Arendt -- You May Say I Long For Death...but I Long Even More To Be Cured. / Nancy Mitford -- The Ties That Bind. ...i Received A Letter From My Was A Cordial To My Heart. / Abigail Adams -- I Just Wanted You To Know I Am Thinking Of You And Wish I Lived Nearer. / Elizabeth Bishop -- To Make A House Is Nothing. What Is Awful Is To Remake A House After A Crew Of Workmen Have Unmade It... / Colette -- And My Own Sister Are The Three Women Who Are Tied To My Heart By A Cord Which Can Never Be Broken... / George Eliot -- Much Love To David & A World Of Love To You Maude Dear. / Eleanor Roosevelt. Cont.): Ask If I Really Thought I Could Live In The House With Two Men Who Were Inlove With Me... / M.f.k. Fisher -- I'll Tell You What To Do... / Peg Bracken -- I Wish I Was This Letter, So I Could Go In A Plane And Be With You Quick. / Dorothy Parker -- ...naturally She Can't Turn Up Back At Work Plus A Baby... / Dorothy Sayers -- ...i...long To Lay My Weary Head Somewhere And Nestle My Full Soul Close To That Of Another In Full Sympathy -- / Susan B. Anthony -- ...i Kept Thinking Of Iowa -- Of The Cornhusking, The Snow, The Sleighrides, The Coasting, Skating, The Evenings With Stories And Popcorn And Nuts And Apples... / Elizabeth (bess) Corey -- Would Be Impossible For Me Not To Want You As A Friend. / Flannery O'connor. Cont.): ...never, Never Did I Love You Better, All My Beloved Ones, Than When I Left You -- / Elizabeth Barrett Browning -- When [women] Fail, Then Failure Must Be But A Challenge To Others. / Amelia Earhart -- How You Men Wriggle And Twist, And Turn Your Backs On All Logic, Before You Will Recognise The Truth. / Clara Schumann. [compiled And Edited By] Lois Wyse. Includes Bibliographical References (p. 203-205).

Author : Lois Wyse

Publisher : Simon & Schuster

Published Year : 1997

Edition : 1

Format : print - Hardcover, 208 pages

Subject : Women--Literary collections, Women--Correspondence, PN6071.W7 F75 1997, 808.86/082

Language : Eng English

Dimensions : 207 p. : col. ill. ; 20 cm.

ISBN : 0684811685

ISBN13 : 9780684811680

Overview :

Author Lois Wyse celebrates this ageless art of friendship with letters from famous women to their friends. From Harriet Beecher Stowe (who writes to her best friend on the day of her wedding, minutes before the ceremony), Edith Wharton (contemplating her fortieth birthday), Virginia Woolf (on meeting a new friend), Ayn Rand (who writes to mend a friendship), to Abigail Adams (writing to her dearest friend, her husband), Susan B. Anthony, and Amelia Earhart, and many more. These letters remind us of the timelessness of the feelings that move each of us to reach out to our friends, and of the sheer joy that is our reward when we do.
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