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For Yourself : The Fulfillment Of Female Sexuality

For Yourself : The Fulfillment Of Female Sexuality

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An excellent, reassuring book for women and their partners. It carries the woman along step-by-step in the rediscovery of her own sexuality and the pleasure it will bring her. Liberated or not, single or married, young or old, all women will find this book accessible and supportive.

Author : Lonnie Barbach

Publisher : Berkley

Published Year : 2000

Edition : REVISED

Format : Mass Market Paperback, 256 pages

Dimensions : 6.76 (w) x 10.88 (h) x 0.69 (d)

ISBN : 0451202007

ISBN13 : 9780451202000

Overview :

This unique, step-by-step program, developed by an acclaimed sex therapist and intimacy expert, has led countless women to discover the wisdom of their own bodies -- learning to enjoy sex not just to please a partner or live up to imagined expectations, but for themselves.

It answers intimate questions that so many women have been afraid to ask -- clearing up the misinformation and confusion that can interfere with experiencing healthy pleasure. It can help you achieve more frequent and intense orgasms -- even if you've never had one before. It offers reassuring, factual information about individual preferences, responses, and fantasies. And with simple, effective exercises, it can help you discover a new world of sexual fulfillment...for yourself.

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