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Flirting With Boys

Flirting With Boys

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how To Run A Resort:

Make Sure Employees Arrive On Time With A Positive Attitude. (check)

Remember That The Customer Is Always Right. (check)

Keep Your Boyfriend And Your Most Valuable Guest From Trying To Kill Each Other. (oops)

celeste Tippen Can't Imagine A More Perfect Summer. Her Boyfriend, Travis, Has A Job At Her Family's Resort, Which Means lots Of Quality Couple Time. Unfortunately, She Forgot About Nick Saunders, The Hot Son Of The Resort's Wealthiest Customers. Every Year, Nick Flirts With Celeste, And Apparently This Year Is No Different, Despite The Boyfriend Who's Watching Their Every Move. She Assures Travis That Hanging Out With The Resident Bad Boy Is The Last Thing She Wants To Do. If Only She Believed That Herself....

children's Literature

as Celeste Spends Her Summer Working At Her Parent's Ritzy Palm Springs Resort, Her Focus Is Primarily On Keeping Travis And Nick From Fighting Over Her. With The Stress Of Keeping Control Of Travis, Keeping The Guests At Pinyon Ranch Happy, Especially Their Most Loyal And Influential Customers—which Just So Happen To Include Nick's Family—and Keeping Her Own Father At Bay, Celeste Is In Need Of Some Support. Devon, Her Best Friend Who Is Usually Always There To Keep Celeste Sane In Times Of Drama, Is In Scotland Taking Acting Classes. This Summer A Prestigious Film Festival Is Being Held At Pinyon And Its Guests Include Top-notch Hollywood Types. It Is The Biggest Thing To Happen To Celeste's Family And It Could Mean Future Success Or Ultimate Failure. Faced With Juggling The Happiness Of Everyone Around Her And The Success Of Her Family's Business, Celeste Finally Looks Beyond Designer Labels, At Least For A Moment, To Figure Out What She Wants. This Is A Teen Beach-read Romance Novel Where You Spend Your Time Waiting For Celeste To Catch Up To The Evitable, That She Is With The Wrong Guy. It Does Have Some Cursing And Scenes Of Underage Drinking. Reviewer: Renee Farrah

Author : Hailey Abbott

Publisher : Harperteen

Published Year : 2009

Edition : 1

Format : Paperback, 256 pages

ISBN : 0061253847

ISBN13 : 9780061253843

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