First You Run (the Bullet Catchers)

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an Unstoppable Bodyguard On The Hunt.

a Woman Hiding A Secret Even She Doesn't Know. A Passion That Begins With Danger....

bullet Catcher Adrien Fletcher Is On A Mission To Track Down A Baby Given Up In A Black Market Adoption Thirty Years Ago. He Has A List Of Possible Names And One Tantalizing Clue: The Infant Girl Had Been Marked With A Tiny Tattoo. And Since Tattoo-hunting Will Mean Getting Up Close And Personal With The Women On His List, He's The Perfect Man For The Job. But When Fletch Meets Miranda Lang, He Knows She Can Never Be Just A Name On His List. If She's Not His Target, He Should Move On And Find The Right Woman, Despite Their Electrifying Attraction. But Miranda Is On Her Own Mission, And Every Step Takes Her Closer To A Deadly Trap. Fletch May Be The Only Man Who Can Protect Her...forcing Him To Choose Between Duty And Desire.

Author : Roxanne St. Claire

Publisher : Pocket Star

Published Year : 2009

Edition : Reprint

Format : Mass Market Paperback, 368 pages

ISBN : 1439149364

ISBN13 : 9781439149362