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Every Body Matters: Strengthening Your Body To Strengthen Your Soul

Every Body Matters: Strengthening Your Body To Strengthen Your Soul

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Author : Gary L. Thomas

Publisher : Zondervan

Published Year : 2011

Edition : 1

Format : Paperback, 256 pages

Language : Eng

Dimensions : 5.40 (w) x 8.40 (h) x 0.60 (d)

ISBN : 0310290813

ISBN13 : 9780310290810

Overview :

Few pastors or Christian writers have dared to approach the subject of how proper eating and an active lifestyle can affect how we serve God. Author Gary Thomas does just that. And he reaches all the way back to the apostle Paul, who wrote that we need to prime our bodies to become, 'an instrument for noble purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work.' To illustrate the body/soul correlation, Thomas presents engaging and diverse stories that include a young mom who got fit through volleyball and reaped spiritual rewards in her marriage, a 300-pound pastor who realized his obesity was eroding his ministry impact, and a woman who gained the spiritual strength to survive a contentious divorce by training for a marathon. In every instance, Thomas makes a direct connection between the physical challenge and its spiritual consequence. This book is a must read for anyone seeking new and compelling motivation for strengthening their bodies and fortifying their souls.
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